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June 21, 2013
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A Whole New World by JennissyCooper A Whole New World by JennissyCooper

WARNING If you do like this artwork, please DO NOT re-post it on DeviantArt or another website (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc…), DO NOT use it as a base, and please ASK ME the permission first if you want to use it

Thanks for the understanding!

:bulletblue: English;

Nooo! It has nothing related to this song;… I don't know what you imagine! :iconohrlyplz:
It's just that... last time I drew Salim, I was listenning to the Aladdin songs, and then this song played. And I was like "oooh I should draw Salim with his girlfriend on a flying carpet!". But I don't know how Salim's girlfriend looks and didn't want to creat one so finally it was Sly and Carmelita.
Good thing is that they both have an Arabian costume.

And that is how I put that song in your head for the rest of the day! >8D

:bulletblue: Français;

Nooon! Cela n'a rien à voir avec cette chanson;… Qu'est-ce que vous vous imaginez? :iconohrlyplz:
C'est juste que... la dernière fois que j'ai dessiné Salim, j'écoutais les chansons d'Aladdin, et quand j'ai entendu cette chanson,je me suis dis "oooh il faudrait que je dessine Salim et sa copine sur un tapis volant!". Mais je ne sais pas à quoi ressemble la copine de Salim et je ne voulais pas en créer une donc finalement c'est Sly et Carmelita.
Ce qui est bien c'est qu'ils ont tout les deux un costume en Arabie.

Et c'est ainsi que j'ai mis cette chanson dans vos têtes pour le reste de la journée! >8D

Aladdin; Disney
A Whole New World; Alan Menken
Sly Cooper, Carmelita Fox; Sucker Punch / Sanzaru Games

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Perfect. Just perfect. :)
SoldierDogg99 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I swear I saw this coming. I just knew someone was gonna draw this when I saw the Arabian Nights episode come up!
And this someone was meee! X3
SoldierDogg99 Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes it was
whatsxd2 Dec 29, 2013
aw screw you you got that song stuck in my headChainsaw 
Mwahahahaaa! >:3 ... uh... I mean, sorry dude. :XD:
x-Dragonqueen-x Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahhh trop mignon 8D
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